Non-Profit Engagement

Ms. Joke Silva Sits on the board of DK Foundation as its chairperson. The Douglas Kintsukuroi Foundation is a non-profit committed to raising awareness about mental health issues. The organization was founded on July 1st, 2016 by a team of young Nigerians led by Blessing Douglas, an Alumna of the American University of Nigeria.

DK foundation was borne out of the need to eradicate stigmatization associated with mental illness, provide access to clinical counselling and empower some of the most vulnerable people in Nigeria. Through targeted initiatives, the DK Foundation focuses on creating awareness for mental health issues, Medical referrals for therapy, Skill Acquisition Training, rehabilitation, school counselling and mental health first aid.

Because of the growing impact of technology in our world today, the DK Foundation achieves its vision by working both offline and online. Online, DK Foundation maintains an organizational presence through a website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium and YouTube.

Offline, the organization has its operational base in Yola, the Adamawa state capital from where it reaches out to different parts of the country.

DK Foundation has executed Projects in different parts of Nigeria – Lagos, Yola, Abuja and Ibadan. The foundation has also participated in Mental Health workshops in Ghana and the United States of America. We recently concluded its registration in the United States of America and are hoping to commence work on international collaborations and strategic partnerships.