From an early age, Ms. Joke Silva has been concerned with matters of trafficking of persons. She has been vocal about issues stemming out of trafficking and has loaned her voice on sensitizing people about the issues that are faced in Nigeria.  In 2012, the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime appointed her as a goodwill ambassador.  Ms. Silva used that platform to bring focus to the “I am Priceless” campaign, which was aimed to reach out to lawyers and policymakers and other leaders for the adoption of policies and legal frameworks supportive of the fight against trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants. It also seeks to sensitize communities and families who are often betrayed and deceived by people who make false promises of a better future for their children and relatives, within or outside of Nigeria.

She is also involved in the adoption movement, giving guidance and support to people who are in the process or are considering adoption. She participates as a mentor who helps parents adjust to having an adopted child and also helps parents who intend to adopt as a guarantor for the adoption process. She has worked with organizations like the Halal Children’s home in sensitizing and educating families on the advantages of adoption and has raised awareness on the need for it to become a norm in Nigeria.

Ms. Silva also lends her voice as a grief counsellor, who has helped many with bereavement, loss and grief. She has helped many people adjust to life without the deceased, walkthrough pain of grief, and accept the reality of the loss. She has been able to share her understanding of the process of recovering from grief and has decided to help as many people as she can in developing new routines, plan and life after grief.

After she lost her younger sister to cancer, Ms. Silva has ensured to share compelling stories that help with the sensitization of cancer. She has supported causes to lead to the eradication and sensitization of cancer in Nigeria.